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Gargamuni das: We had a big tape recorder that weighed 50 pounds. I was in charge of that. Brahmananda would bring it down from Prabhupada’s closet every night. So my job was to set up the tape for Prabhupada’s lecture. Prabhupada was very insistent in having his lectures tape recorded – so much so that when the tape ran out, he would stop and wait for me to rethread the tape with a new one. In those days, we didn’t have money; and those tapes, I remember they were three, four dollars for Scotch tapes. So Prabhupada wanted everything tape recorded. We didn’t think it was important in those days, but now we do. They’re important for preaching.
Reference: Following Srila Prabhupada – Remembrances by Yadubara Dasa