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Nara Narayan Dasa : Once, in the La Cienega temple, on the occasion of his spiritual master's appearance day, Srila Prabhupada cooked a pot of kichari. He said that kichari was his spiritual master's favorite dish. Prabhupada cooked it using polished urad dahl, and it had a creamy consistency. There were thirty of us at that celebration, and there were many other dishes besides kichari. 

Since it was a holiday, everyone was in a jolly mood, talking and chatting, and we all got a dab of Prabhupada's kichari on our plates. By this time the kichari was cold, and Prabhupada had already gone to his quarters. We popped the kichari into our mouths, and all of sudden the conversation died out everywhere. As soon as that prasadam touched our tongues we fell silent. We sat there in dead silence tasting grain after grain of it until it was all gone. Then we searched for stray grains on our plates. Then everybody began crawling towards the pot in the middle of the room where there was still a little bit left. We were taking little pieces out of the pot. No one spoke a word until there was nothing left. Then we all went back and sat down in silence. Something about that prasadam was charged with what must have been gopi bhava. There was ecstasy involved in that prasadam. We were struck by it. Every exquisite feeling that Prabhupada had for his spiritual master was present, and we had a chance to experience that; we realized that Prabhupada had given us an extra special benediction—he had allowed us to open the door a little and peek into what his world was like.
Reference: Memories-Anecdotes of a Modern-Day Saint by Siddhanta Dasa