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Kaushalya Dasi : In Amritsar, he was training us in personal habits. “Because in India,” he said, “everyone will watch all of your habits. Never touch your food with your left hand.” He taught us how to peel a banana without touching it with our left hand. He taught us how to drink water from a glass without touching it to our lips. He was particular about our habits “because,” he said, “everybody will be watching and making sure that I’ve taught you well.” Once, Prabhupada asked me and Yamuna to lead kirtan. We were singing varieties of prayers, and when we finished somebody in the audience criticized our Sanskrit pronunciation. Prabhupada fired back at them, “You do not have one tenth of the devotion of these women. How dare you criticize their Sanskrit!” He was very angry. He had a transcendentally passionate personality and was very protective of us.
Reference: Memories-Anecdotes of a Modern-Day Saint by Siddhanta Dasa