I know your mind

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Govinda dasi: He was talking about Krishna in the forest of Vrindavan, and he would close his eyes and he would get massage and he would talk about Krishna. He would describe how "They do not know Krishna is God. The cowherd boys are coming home from the forest and say, Oh, mother, Krishna killed one very big demon today. Krishna is so wonderful!' And they are not knowing He is God. They are simply thinking, Krishna is so wonderful!'" And whenever he would talk like this, when he would stop you wouldn't know where you were. You had been transported to some other loka. You would have to remember your identity and who you were and where it was transporting. His power to transport you was there, and I got very addicted to that, to that sweetness, that transcendental sweetness. 

One time he was talking about how "There is no fear. Krishna is playing leap frog with the boys, and they have no fear. They are just playing." And all of a sudden you experience no fear, and you realize you're always fearing. You don't even know it, but in the back of your mind you're always fearing. And for a few moments you experience no fear. Karttikeya was telling me, "It was such an amazing experience! For a few moments, I felt fearless!" In this way, when he would talk about Vrindavan, you would be there. He was in lila. He was seeing everything. You couldn't see it, but you could feel it. And so I got very addicted to that. 

So then when he went off to India, the whole time he was in India I prayed to Lord Jagannatha. Lord Jagannatha, we had one murti in Montreal, I was there for six months, and I prayed, "Please let me take care of Swamiji when he comes back from India." So while Prabhupada was in India, he wrote me a letter. I wrote him a letter expressing that desire. He wrote me a letter back saying, "I shall build a house in Vrindavan where you and your husband can come for all your days." At the end of the letter he wrote, "I know your mind." He knew everything I was thinking. He heard my prayers. He knew everything I was thinking. So when he came back, that desire was fulfilled. He allowed me to be with him to serve him for that whole year, which was very sweet because it was just in the time before the organization took off in a very big way. At that time, Prabhupada was still not completely well from his stroke, he was having some difficulty. So I would kind of mother him and he would kind of father us. We were like children, but we were like a family. Everything was out of love. And that's a rare, sweet time that I think he also thinks is very special.
Reference: Following Srila Prabhupada – A Chronological Series
Author: Yadubara Dasa