This is the wrong Gokula

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Yadubara das: Srila Prabhupada took us to many holy spots in Vrindavan. We would go by bus, and he would ride in this Ambassador car. Here we are at Brahmanda Ghat in Gokula where Mother Yasoda saw the universe in Krishna's mouth. Srila Prabhupada is telling the story, much to our delight. His eyes get big when Mother Yasoda sees the creation. For most of us, this is the first time we'd seen the Yamuna, and we were very eager to bathe in her transcendental waters.

Radhanath Swami: The bus went to Gokula, and we came out. Dinanath prabhu was leading the kirtan and Prabhupada came out of his Ambassador car, which was in front of the bus. Then we walked for some time behind Prabhupada doing harinam sankirtan. Then Prabhupada stopped us and turned around and said, "This is the wrong Gokula. This is Vallabhacarya's Gokula. We want to go to Mahavan Gokula." So then we all got back in the buses. And from there, from what I remember, we went to Brahmanda Ghat where we saw the beauty of the holy river Jamuna. Prabhupada came down with us and he sprinkled water on his head. Then he told all the devotees that they should have full bath. I believe Prabhupada was feeling somewhat ill that day so he said that he was not going to take full bath. So he was sitting on the steps and the devotees were bathing, and Prabhupada was watching us and he was so happy. His disciples, who he loved so very very dearly, who he gave his life and soul to give them Krishna's love, here they were in Gokula at the holy banks of Brahmanda Ghat happily taking their baths in the sacred river Jamuna. What that must have meant for Prabhupada.

Shyamasundara das: He's sitting there watching us take bath, and pretty soon he wants to go in with us. "What can I do? My devotees want me." "Come on, Prabhupada, come on in!" Here we are saying our Gayatris on sacred threads standing in the Jamuna River. There he comes. Ah, Prabhupada.

Kanta dasi: A few of the ladies were clustered together, and Palika was there. And at some point we noticed that Srila Prabhupada was going in the water, although at first it didn't look like he was going to go in. Suddenly it was, "Prabhupada's going in." I looked at Palika, we had the same reaction: "We're going in too. We have to be in there with Prabhupada, and we have to do it fast because he's going to say Gayatri," and we wanted to say Gayatri with him. But both of us had only been in India for a month, and we knew that the ladies bathed in the Yamuna but we didn't know how they did it. Should we go in with our full saris and then walk around dripping wet? Because we only had a few seconds. Palika was down to her slip and I was, "OK, me too." It didn't matter anyway because as soon as we hit the water we went right under. So we were up to our necks in water anyway so we were covered. We wanted to get as close to Prabhupada as we could while he was saying Gayatri and we got really close, within 10 feet of him. Just our little heads, we were scrunched under the water, and we got to say Gayatri with Prabhupada that day. To me, that's the most memorable experience of the whole thing was that Gayatri in the water with Prabhupada so close.

Reference: Following Srila Prabhupada – A Chronological Series
Author: Yadubara Dasa