Srila Prabhupada eating kachoris in his final days

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Tamal Krishna Goswami : I was amazed at what Pishima, Prabhupada's sister, did when Prabhupada was in his final days. She was crying, and she put her hand on Prabhupada's heart, just like a loving sister would, and started to chant the Nrisimha mantras for Prabhupada's protection. It was touching. Just before this Prabhupada said, "You know that she wants to cook for me?" I said, "What will she cook?" He said, "Whatever she cooks, let her cook and serve it to me." Kirtanananda Maharaj, the senior person there, said, "Prabhupada, you cannot eat. She's going to cook everything in mustard oil." Prabhupada said, "Whatever she cooks, it's all right, it doesn't matter." Pishima cooked kachoris. As a child, Prabhupada was called Kachorimukha, one whose mouth and face is always full of kachoris, and when we brought Pishima's kachoris, Prabhupada started eating them. He ate everything she cooked. At this point Prabhupada had only been drinking liquids, and after he ate her kachoris, everybody thought, "That's it, Prabhupada may leave his body." Kirtanananda Maharaj gave up and left because he had been playing the role of the stern doctor, the stern parent. But Prabhupada didn't want to be controlled. He said, "No, I will eat what I want to eat. Don't try to stop me."
Reference: Memories Anecdotes of a Modern Day Saint - Volume 2
Author: Siddhanta Dasa