This idea: I shall speak to don't eat meat, and they'll immediately kick me out!

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A couple of interesting questions came up during the walk this morning. Panca Dravida Maharaja asked Srila Prabhupada what he was thinking when he first went to the West. What idea for a program did he have? Prabhupada replied with a laugh. "This idea: I shall speak to don't eat meat, and they'll immediately kick me out!" Everyone laughed. "That was my program. I was going to say 'Don't eat meat. No illicit sex,' and immediately they will kick me out! 'All right.' I never thought that you would accept it. That is the idea of my poetry [written on the boat when he first arrived]. I was asking Krishna, 'I do not know why You have brought me here. As soon as I will say these things, they will kick me out. What is Your program, I do not know.'" Prabhupada chuckled to himself. 

Lokanatha Swami offered, "You are so expert. For one year you did not mention those rules and regulations, I heard." "No, I simply said, 'Come and join and chant.'" "And when they developed higher taste, then you said, 'Now no more meat-eating.'" Lokanatha Maharaja also had a question about the local people here in Vrindavana. "Srila Prabhupada, what is the position of the Brijvasis, those who are living in Vrindavana now? What happens to them next life?" "Simply by living, if they do not commit anything sinful, they'll go back to home. Simply by living, without committing any sinful activities. Always remember Krishna, this is Krishna's land; that will deliver them." "They don't need a spiritual master?" Madhudvisha asked. "Yes," Prabhupada replied. "Spiritual master is always needed. Without abiding by the orders of spiritual master and serving him, nobody can be... Otherwise rascal." I began to say, "So all these local Brajavasis, they all accept..." Prabhupada immediately thought of the farmer the other morning who offered his respects because he'd walked on his land. "No, Brajavasis, they are generally, naturally, they are Krishna conscious. Otherwise how is this illiterate farmer, he is offering? This is natural." Panca Dravida asked, "But he has no spiritual master?" "No, no, he has a spiritual master. And even without spiritual master they have already elevated to Krishna consciousness." "So they will go back home?" "Oh, yes," Prabhupada assured him, "because spiritual master is within, caitya-guru." From what he told us about the position of the Brajavasis, it may seem that it is an easy way to go back to home, back to Godhead. But, of course, getting a birth in Vrindavana is not easy. 

In class Prabhupada explained what is required of us if we want to please Krishna and get His blessings. "We have to surrender. That will please Krishna. And without pleasing Him? You cannot see Krishna. You may have your eyes, big, big eyes, but you cannot see Krishna. You have to please Him. That pleasing activity is bhakti. "Without that bhakti, it means sitting down silently... 'No, no, I am chanting. I do not want to go out. I am busy.' This means excuse. What you will chant? You will think of money and woman, that's all. Just work. Go to sell books and work hard. That is wanted. Therefore we do not give that opportunity. My Guru Maharaja did not give this opportunity, and we are following the same principle. No opportunity of sitting idle. No, you must work. That will rectify. Yes."
Reference: Transcendental Diary Volume 1
Author: Hari Sauri Dasa