Pray, and maya will go away

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The next morning three disciples of Swami Satchidananda visited Srila Prabhupada. Accompanying him on his morning walk, they asked many questions. They were young men like Prabhupada's disciples. One of them was a hairdresser named Bob. If they are already disciples of a guru, Satsvarupa thought, then why are they so curious about another guru's process? Bob asked, "Don't you need to practice hatha-yoga in order to purify the body so that eventually you can purify the higher self within?" "Cleanse the mind and the intelligence," Prabhupada replied, "and the body is automatically cleansed. Hatha-yoga is for those in the gross bodily concept of life. In the second chapter of Bhagavad-gita, Krishna says that a wise man doesn't place much importance on the body. The hatha-yogi's main concentration is this body. By bodily exercise he wants to have Krishna's love. If this were possible, all wrestlers and athletes would have achieved Krishna's love. Lord Caitanya's program of chanting begins with the cleansing of the mind, and this takes care of cleansing the body." Yoga student: "What about sex desire? I want the spiritual, but I have such a strong desire for sex." Prabhupada: "Hatha-yoga is also for controlling sex desire. If you have such desire, you are making no progress." Yoga student: "How does a devotee of Krishna control sex desire?" Prabhupada: "Automatically. Krishna is so beautiful. We are accustomed to this habit for a very long time. Become sincere, and Krishna will protect you." Yoga student: "Sometimes I have a sex urge..." Prabhupada: "What? You? Everybody! In birds, beasts, demigods-the binding force is sex. The material life means sex desire. Free from sex desire means advancing in spiritual desire. If you have a strong sex desire, pray to Krishna. Know that this is the attack of maya. Pray, and maya will go away. You cannot fight with maya with your own energy. Maya is presenting herself more beautiful than Krishna. But Krishna is more beautiful." Yoga student: "How soon before I could get initiated by you?" Prabhupada: "The first initiation is to understand the philosophy. Actually, one should be initiated after hearing for one year." Yoga student: "How can you tell a Krishna conscious holy man from an ordinary holy man?" Prabhupada: "He is always thinking about Krishna. Not even a moment without thinking about Krishna." Yoga student: "Can maya have a hold on a man who's dedicated to selflessness, even if he doesn't take to Krishna?" Prabhupada: "Yes, maya is always holding you. Unless you surrender to Krishna, some way maya has you. God says, "Here I am.' But you say God is somewhere else. You are searching after God, and you cannot see when He comes before you. Then you are in maya. Why don't you accept Krishna as God?" Yoga student: "What is the nature of a devotee? Is he always in ecstasy?" Prabhupada: "Yes, always in ecstasy. He's always feeling separation: "I could not serve Krishna.' This is nice." Yoga student: "Does it actually say anywhere in the scriptures that you have to come back to the material world if you don't worship Krishna? Does it actually say it?" Prabhupada: "Yes, yes: aruhya kricchrena param padam tatah patanty adho 'nadrita-yushmad-anghrayah. "By neglecting Your lotus feet he has to come down again.' "Feet' means He is a person." These yoga students were attracted to Prabhupada's teachings. They began to act like his followers, attending his kirtanas and lectures, offering obeisances to him. After several days, the hatha-yoga students stopped coming. "They appeared so devoted," Prabhupada remarked casually. "That one boy was even helping me with my shoes."
Reference: Prabhupada Lila
Author: Satsvarupa Das Goswami