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Jyotirmayi Dasi : Prabhupada had a very good discussion with a deputy. At that time also Prabhupada brought up the point of animal killing. Of course the deputy would not accept vegetarianism. The deputy couldn't see how people could survive if they didn't eat meat. Prabhupada astonished me by saying, "If people want to eat meat, then let them eat the cows when they have died a natural death." Prabhupada was humorous and was always amazingly quick to answer. Another person we brought was a religious psychiatrist who was well known in France. He took care of his patients through spiritual life and showed them how spiritual life would help them. I went to his city to bring him to meet Prabhupada. When this man was downstairs, he wouldn't come into Prabhupada's presence. I told Prabhupada "I invited him to come in to see you, but he said, 'Where is the patient?' He had misunderstood. He thought that we had asked him to come and treat some sadhu. He didn't understand that he'd been invited to have a philosophical discussion with you. When he realized that there was no patient, he left." Prabhupada laughed and laughed. He said, "He didn't realize he was the patient." Prabhupada was so funny.
Reference: Memories-Anecdotes of a Modern-Day Saint by Siddhanta Dasa