April 16, 1975 : Vrindavana

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Srila Prabhupada arrives at Vrindavana for the opening of the Krishna-Balaram temple. (When Srila Prabhupada arrived to finally conduct the Krishna-Balaram Mandir opening, he was pleasantly surprised to see the three tall domes rising over the temple. The domes had been constructed entirely during the eight months since his last visit. The four-story international guesthouse had also been completely built during his absence. Surabhi had supervised workers in day and night shifts to get everything done on time. The tall central dome and two side domes, one over each altar, were magnificent. Their graceful form led the mind to higher thoughts and suggested an existence beyond the material world. The strength and beauty of the domes reminded one that beneath resided the Deity of the Supreme Lord. A temple was to enlighten people, to remove their nescience, and the domes eloquently spoke of this purpose. They could be seen for miles, rising boldly above the landscape of Vrndavana, proclaiming the worship of Krishna and Balarama.)

Reference: Srila Prabhupada Lilamrta - Volume 5