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Harrison - Son of Hari

Gargamuni Dasa: Then he wrote a letter to Shyamasundara to give hints of future songs to sing. Hari haraye namah - he wrote two sentences of the song, he said, "George should sing this one." Then Jagadisa the Narasimha song, jaya jagadisa hare, he gave that in a letter as an example of a song that he should record. So Prabhupada wanted George to make many such records because then he would stop making his karmi records, you know, about love and this and that. So Prabhupada was very pleased that he was engaged in making Krishna conscious records.

Of course, George made a lot of, he made approximately 89 different songs about Prabhupada and Krishna. Although not maybe directly mentioning them, but in the song, you can tell there's one called Living in the Material World, and then he writes a song comparing Prabhupada to the sunshine. He wrote many songs, some of them were recorded and some of them weren't. He even chanted one that was never officially released called Hari Om where he sings different mantras, really not authorized, because he mixes Sita with Hari Om and Rama and this and that. But anyway the energy was there to please the Lord.

So Prabhupada really induced George in his devotional service. He even gave him a title. He didn't initiate him because he wasn't sure if he would follow the regulative principles. So he called him - his last name was Harrison - so Prabhupada entitled him Son of Hari. That was his title, that was his initiated name, Son of Hari, cause Harrison. Prabhupada is very intelligent. Some people say he doesn't know English that's why we edit his books. But I see Prabhupada knew English better than we did because he thought of many poetic sentences that we never heard before.

For instance the Supreme Personality of Godhead, we never heard of that word. That's a poem, oh! That's a poetic description of God. We thought God was an old man sitting in the sky angry at us. We didn't know He played a flute and danced with the gopis. So Prabhupada, he was very good at speaking and expressing himself in English. Certainly, he was empowered by Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati to preach in English. So that means Bhaktisiddhanta was wrong? He would empower someone who didn't know English? So these are foolish people that edit Prabhupada's books, thinking Prabhupada didn't know English. He most certainly did know English more than you do, more than I do, you see.  

Reference: SPF Interviews