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Only GBC could meet Prabhupada

Dadhi Baksha Dasa: He sent me to Nepal for preaching. Another thing, he told me to do arati here as a pujari. I was a pujari here in this (Vrindavana) temple, so that was Prabhupada's instruction for me. That much only I have. No extra things because at that time all the big GBC’s you know, ABCDs, we are smaller devotees, so they were not allowing to go near Prabhupada. 

When Prabhupada came outside for darshana, behind Prabhupada's house, there is one garden there. So Prabhupada would sit there, we also sit there and we can have darshana and Prabhupada would give everybody sweet prasadam, we would take from his hands and eat. 

Prabhupada would give lecture and we would attend lecture, like that. Not personally go to Prabhupada's room and talk to Prabhupada, they were not allowing us, only GBC could meet Prabhupada, not like us small devotees. Only during initiation time I got blessings of Prabhupada.

Reference: SPF Interviews