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Demigod Gayatri and Vaishnava Gayatri

Dadhi Baksha Dasa: After one week, there was initiation ceremony in the temple courtyard. So president put my name in the initiation list. My name came and Prabhupada asked, "How many rounds you are chanting?" I said, "Sixteen." He asked, "What are the rules and regulations?" I said, "Four regulative principles." And then Prabhupada said, "Your name already that day I had given, Dadhi Baksha Dasa, that name will continue. You continue to chant 16 rounds and do seva here."

Prabhupada gave me my name like that and I was doing seva. After three months, it was a hot season here. At that time, there was no Indian devotee here in this temple, only Westerners. Western devotees come and they go away. Hot season, nobody will be here. Then there was shortage of pujaris for Krishna Balarama Temple. So the temple president recommended my name for brahmana initiation. Prabhupada was here, he said, "Okay." They had included my name in the list. They took me to Prabhupada’s quarters. They took me near Prabhupada. I had brahmana thread around my neck.

Prabhupada asked, "Are you from brahmana family?" I said, "Yes." He asked, "What is your Gayatri?" Then I chanted my Gayatri mantra. Then Prabhupada said, "This is Demigod Gayatri, so I will give you the Vaishnava Gayatri."  I said, "Okay." Then Prabhupada took out my brahmana thread that was around my neck. Next to Prabhupada was a garbage can. Prabhupada threw my thread in that garbage can. Then, he gave me the new brahmana thread. He called me near to him and he chanted the mantra in my ear. He taught me how to count on fingers and chant Gayatri. Then Prabhupada told Hari Sauri Prabhu (because he was secretary) that you teach this boy how to chant and give papers. He gave me 2-3 days of practice and then the 3rd day I became pujari here in Krishna Balarama Temple. I am serving, doing aratis here.

Reference: SPF Interviews