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You are Indian, you don't know how to clean?

Dadhi Baksha Dasa: When Hyderabad temple was opened, we went from here (Vrindavana) for the opening of the Hyderabad temple. After temple opening, Hyderabad farm, Prabhupada went there. After morning walk... there is one big tree still there, every morning he gave the lecture and they put the vyasasana there and did guru-puja

So one day, devotees were taking prasadam under the tree sitting in a line. So one day evening 5 o'clock, devotees had prasadam. That place was not cleaned. So then in the morning Prabhupada came to that place by walk. He showed dirt there, may be dal, sabji, fallen there. Then Prabhupada asked devotees, "What's going on here, what's this?" Then the devotees said, "Prabhupada, last night devotees took prasadam and they haven’t cleaned up." Prabhupada was very angry, he said, "Why you haven't cleaned up? You, you rascal, you don't know the culture I taught you? After eating prasadam, you don't know how to clean this?

Then Prabhupada shouted at everybody, all the devotees - two or three devotees from Hyderabad (Telugu). Prabhupada called them and said, "You are Indian, you don't know how to clean the place after taking prasadam. They are from mleccha country. They don't know; I teach them, now they are doing. But you are Indian, this is our culture, so after eating, you have to clean that." Then, they brought a bucket, put the water and cleaned all the place. After that Prabhupada said, "Okay."

Reference: SPF Interviews