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Prabhupada's last desire

Gargamuni Dasa: Well, he had so many desires in spreading the movement and the Vaishnava society. 

His last desire was to introduce varnashrama-dharma. Why? Because for one to officially go back to Godhead you have to be in the brahminical line. There was a question asked by Srutakirti, "Prabhupada, is it true that before one can go back to Godhead he has to take his birth in a brahmana family in India first, and then you go back to God?" Prabhupada said, "Yes, therefore I'm trying to invent or I'm trying to create brahmanas in the Western countries and the only way to do that," he said, "is in our farms, farm communities where they produce ghee and maintain themselves, and live a simple life as brahmanas - living off the land, and depending on Krishna for everything. The way they would financially support themselves would be to keep cows and make ghee."

Sometimes, today we're making cheese in New Vrindavana. He said they should stop that and make ghee. Package the ghee and sell it to the temples in the cities, so they could have unlimited supply of ghee. This way the farm communities would support themselves by taking care of the cows which is the brahmana duty. Must tend to the cows. Produce food grains and vegetables. To be simply dependent on the Lord and live a happy clean life. At that time in 1976, we had sixteen farm communities where this varnashrama could have been introduced, but so far it's not there.

There must be proper land. To keep cows you need a big space. Like in the Western countries they have huge spaces with grass and they fence off different parts of the land. The cows are put in one place, they eat all the grass, then they let them go into the next place, and then they re-grow the grass in the place they were before. This way they keep rotating the cows to different grasses. And the cows are so happy they give 30, 40, 50, 60 kilos of milk. Huge amounts of milk they give because they're happy eating grass.

So that's a desire we have yet to fulfill in our farm communities - to supply ghee to all the temples and to make the cows happy.

Reference: SPF Interviews