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What is service?

Gurukripa Dasa: 'What is service?'

Service is, we have no qualification, but when you are told the service, then Krishna, Supersoul comes awake and He tells you what to do, if you are surrendered.

Prabhupada said, "I have never done one thing that the Supersoul didn’t direct, personally." In other words our karma directs us, our maya directs us. But when Supersoul does it and we listen, then we are above all material intelligence or material qualifications, it’s transcendentally divyam knowledge. That’s what that means divya-jnana.

What do we sing every morning, divya-jnana hrde prakasito, he manifest. Because I want to serve Lord, I want to do it for you. So the most unqualified person can be the leader.

Reference: SPF Interviews