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I get to go to hell

Gurukripa Dasa: Srila Prabhupada was sitting on the roof getting his massage. I came and I bought him a watch. I knew he likes Seiko - he only said, he likes Seiko watch. So I got him the quartz movement - it's just come out - I got him the three hundred dollars Seiko watch. Rolex had then only costed four-hundred-fifty. Prabhupada did not like the snap band, he liked flex band, so I got an Italian band, ten thousand yen it cost and had that attached. He liked to slide them on and slide them off.

Two days before, Prabhupada's watch had broken, two days before. So the day before I came in, they had bought him a watch from the black market - cheap watch. I showed up with this nice watch. And I gave him the receipt for the money, I gave him the watch, and I gave him  a Waterman pen which he never used.

Prabhupada liked his Cross pen; he never changed his Cross pen. But anyway, he really liked the watch. And he looked at it, he put it on. He didn’t like anything - he liked the devotion; he had no ambition to like nice things. But I wanted him to have it.

So he put it on, he asked me... I am a very offensive person, he asked me how much I paid. And I said, "Srila Prabhupada, that is not appropriate - to ask what a gift costs." Even chastised Srila Prabhupada, so I get to go to hell.

Reference: SPF Interviews