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Western Mind vs Indian Mind

Gurukripa Dasa: He always stuck up for me. Real friend. No matter what somebody said, he defended me - that was a real friend. He never like backbit you; he never talked behind my back. They would come in - Gurukripa's doing this, doing that - and, he would always defend me. So that's the real friend. Not only the guru, but his faithfulness to his disciples. One devotee, a big devotee fell down and Prabhupada actually had tears in his eyes and he told, "Don't tell anyone." That was the quality of the person - he didn't change with the breeze.

Those who did service for him, he had gratitude, and that gratitude is eternal. That you find in India. I come to Vrindavana and so many people I knew forty years ago they remember me like it was yesterday. Whereas the Western mentality is: He did something, who cares. We're the new guy. They are always making something new. They don’t appreciate the history, they forget all about it. And now they think they are the advanced one - the Western mind.

Indian mind is little different, especially Prabhupada. He always said that, Prabhupada said, "You may not remember Krishna at the time of death, but He will remember you, what service you did." So that's a true friend: when you forget him, he doesn’t forget you. So Prabhupada always comes for his devotees.

Reference: SPF Interviews