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The cat and the miscarriage

Gargamuni Dasa: There's another lila too about Yamuna. In her early days, perhaps when I was in San Francisco, or '67. Yamuna had become pregnant with a child. So everybody was excited, all the women. But she had a miscarriage.

Somehow Prabhupada got to know that she also kept a cat in her house, a pet cat, and Prabhupada remarked that most probably this cat was responsible for the miscarriage. He said cats are very envious because they want attention, constant attention, they're always purring, "meow, meow" for attention. And so, somehow or other they have intuition, if somebody is having a child, they know that, and they actually pray that the child dies before it's born. So that they can receive all the attention because otherwise, the cat doesn't get any attention. So they have this intuition, they're so envious.

When Yamuna heard this statement from Prabhupada, she got rid of the cat at that time. But she never again had a child after that.

Reference: SPF Interviews