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Gargamuni - Big jug full of coins

Gargamuni Dasa: And then, he gave the literal meaning in a conversation, very nice story Prabhupada says. So Prabhupada is speaking on March 11th in 1976 in Mayapur. He said, "Oh Garga? 'Garga' means a big jug, and 'muni', full of money, big jug full of coins."

Tamal Krishna said, "To keep?"

Prabhupada said, "No, to cheat the government. There was no income tax but still they used to keep in big big jugs all gold coins and put underneath the ground. Nobody could understand where is the money, very easy thing. And the person did not disclose at the time of his death, so then it remained in the ground. Then after some years, somebody digging, he got.”

I remember reading in the newspaper, while I've been in Vrindavana, and on the news, a farmer is ploughing his land and he hits a clay jug full of old gold coins. So, what Prabhupada said is a fact, they used to bury the gold coins. And the Sanskrit word 'Garga' means that a big jug, so that was an interesting quote. 

Reference: SPF Interviews