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Prabhupada Empowers Disciples to Create Wonders

Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami: Dayananda and Nandarani had written to Prabhupada that people in Los Angeles weren't as receptive as in San Francisco and New York, but Prabhupada had assured them that if they chanted with devotion, success would come and Krishna would help them. 

In his room at the Radha-Damodara temple in Vrindavana, Prabhupada had meditated on sending young men and women like Dayananda and Nandarani all over the world to open Krishna conscious centers. Despite old age and ill health this was his life's ambition, his single dominating desire, and in whatever time he had left he wanted to establish the Krishna Consciousness movement worldwide. 

His success in America over the past two years had given him hope. Mukunda had begun a temple in San Francisco, Kirtanananda had begun one in Montreal, Satsvarupa in Boston, Subala in Santa Fe and Brahmananda had stayed in New York. These temples were storefronts only and the leaders were young, inexperienced men. But the Western youth were showing interest. There was great potential. 

After the kirtana, Dayananda drove Prabhupada to his apartment two miles away. It was small with a front room, a kitchenette, a back room with a tiny bathroom, and noisy. Aniruddha had arranged for Gaurasundara and his wife, Govinda Dasi, who were acting as Prabhupada's servant and secretary, to stay in the front room.

Reference: Prabhupada Lila by Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami