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"So Srutakirti Maharaj, you like it here in Mayapur?"

Srutakirti das: Prabhupada really liked Mayapur. He seemed really relaxed in Mayapur when we would come. I remember the one time we went up to his quarters when he first got there and, of course, I'd follow him in, setting everything up, and he was just looking out his window. The windows, of course, were on each side of his room.

So he walked in his front door and he just looked out his window, and then it was just stretches of fields everywhere. It was wide open and very tranquil, very peaceful, and he would just chant and look out there.

One time he turned and he just looked at me and he smiled and he said, "So Srutakirti Maharaj, you like it here in Mayapur?" I said, "Yes, Prabhupada, very much." The way his quarters were set up there, they had the padding across the entire room. So sometimes you could go in there in the middle of the day and Prabhupada would be lying on the floor and he'd have his feet over the big bolster pillows that were against the walls. He would move one out a little bit so he'd have his legs hanging over the bolster pillow, and he'd just be relaxing.

His morning walk was always right outside his room. As soon as he'd go down the steps, he was already on his walk. He also always knew everything - who was around, who wasn't around, who was missing the walk - because sometimes if he was going out, he'd get down to the bottom of the stairs and he would ask where is such and such, where is this devotee, where is that devotee.

Reference: Following Srila Prabhupada-A Chronological Series by Srtuakirti Dasa