Head of the Hindu society came up on stage and garlanded Srila Prabhupada with dollar bills.

Bhaktisiddantha das recollects further during the rathayatra festival in San Francisco. The devotee were invited to a dinner. A hall was run by one Hindu club the evening. The dinner for all the devotees was well appreciated. Following the dinner Srila Prabhupad gave a lecture. The subject of Srila Prabhupad's talk was a general concern for all the Indians living outside of India. America to be constantly on guard for their spiritual life. Srila Prabhupad begged vigilance for all those in the audience not to get overly entangled in money making affairs and forsake their divine heritage of being born in india. He said strongly not to fall sway to the dollar bill. I was a new devotee and the evening was a shock. Because behind the devotees who were sitting up front near the stage the ladies were sitting together and talking amongst themselves in a loud roar. All their kids were running wild screaming and disturbing the talk to the point. Nothing could be heard in the back of the hall. All the men were standing and they also kept up a loud roar the combined effect was so disturbing. It became clear why Srila Prabhupada left India and came to america to find a receptive audience. Just as Srila Prabhupad gave warning about the risk of getting carried away running after the dollar bill. The head of the Hindu society came up on stage and garlanded Srila Prabhupada with dollar bills at that moment the tears were shooting out of his eyes and bathing the devotees sitting in the front row some 10 feet away.

Reference: Acharya by Bhaktisiddanta Dasa

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