"I want the benediction to go on fighting for Krishna up to last breath, Just like Arjuna."

Srila Prabhupada was invited by all his disciples around the world to visit his new temples and to initiate thousands of devotees. Though Srila Prabhupada was elder in age, he happily reciprocated to his disciples' desire. Srila Prabhupada took all austerities to tirelessly travel and preach. He slept only two to three hours a night . He travelled the world over 14 times in twelve years. He was constantly enaged in giving lectures, speaking with world leaders and the media, writing transcendental literatures and establishing temples as well as training disciples in Sadhana Bhakti ( the divine practice of loving devotional service to Lord Krishna). 

He opened over 108 ISKCON Temples and centers around the world. That included institutes, school, and farm communities as well. Srila Prabhupada's health was worsening, as often happened, when he travelled extensively Particularly, in New York, when he visited there in July 1976, his health began to suffer. Every day his disciples would beg him to please stay. When Srila Prabhupada heard that the G.B.C., members in New York had unanimously recommended, he did not immediately travel, he , said "All right . I will not travel." 

But he could not be bound by the G.B.C. However, only by Krishna. He already had his plane tickets, and he remained set on travelling to Europe and India. On the morning of Srila Prabhupada's departure, a few devotees came to his room to make a last attempt, begging him not to travel. He said nothing, thought he was obviously set on leaving, "Don't travel," he said nothing thought he was obviously set on leaving. "Don't travel," said one devotee and another said, "Just stay, sit down and rest." Srila Prabhupada turned, and his eyes were very deep. More than ever he seemed not of this material world. "I want the benediction to go on fighting for Krishna up to last breath," he said. "Just like Arjuna."

Reference: Acharya by Bhaktisiddanta Dasa

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