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You are very fortunate because Krishna saved you from all that nonsense

Jagattarini-devi dasi: Some of Prabhupada's disciples were in the midst of famous or infamous careers just before they joined him to take up full-time spiritual life. Jagattarini-devi dasi had been a leading movie actress in Australia and had just made a film with Mick Jagger before deciding to surrender to Srila Prabhupada. 
One time while Prabhupada was visiting in Australia, a reporter picked up on the story that the former actress had now become a renounced devotee. They ran two pictures in the newspaper showing Jagattarini first as a movie actress with make-up and fashionable attire, and then in a sari, washing a pot. When the newspaper came out, the devotees were amused and wanted to bring it to Prabhupada, although Jagattarini was frightened that he would be displeased. 
When Prabhupada saw the photos, he laughed. 
"In this picture as a movie actress, she looks morose and she is not very beautiful" said Prabhupada. 
Then he pointed to the picture of his disciple in a sari. "But in this picture she looks very lively and very beautiful. But to the materialist, he will see it the other way." 
That evening in the temple, when Jagattarini approached Prabhupada's vyasasana to receive a piece of prasadam, he said to her, "You are very fortunate because Krishna saved you from all that nonsense."

Reference: Srila Prabhupada Nectar by Jagatarini Dasi