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LSD and smoking people

Mahatma : I joined ISKCON in January 1970 and was initiated in March at the temple on La Cienega. Prabhupada initiated a number of devotees at that time. On my right, the devotee who was initiated as Paramatma used to smoke cigarettes, and on my left, the devotee who was initiated as Babhrubahan used to take LSD.

After Paramatma recited the four regulative principles, Prabhupada said, "What about smoking?" Paramatma said, "Oh, no, Prabhupada." Then I recited the regulative principles. Prabhupada gave me my name and said, "Mahatma is one who is always chanting the glories of the Lord." He didn't say anything else. Then Babhrubahan recited the four regulative principles and Prabhupada said, "What about LSD?" Of course Babhrubahan said, "Oh, no, Prabhupada."

I don't know if the temple presidents told Prabhupada that those devotees had those habits or if Prabhupada knew. Generally, we assumed that he knew. I thought it was amazing that Prabhupada made those remarks. And when he said them he was laughing and smiling and pretending that he was smoking.

Reference: Memories Anecdotes of a Modern Day Saint - Volume 2 by Siddhanta Dasa