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Time wasting person

Anuttama: After the Mayapur-Vrindavan festival in 1975, all the devotees went to Hyderabad because Prabhupada was attending a three-night pandal festival there. It was a full house. The devotees sat on the stage, and two-thousand people came. Prabhupada was like a lion. His lectures in India were different from those in America.

In India he quoted more Sanskrit and pounded on the philosophy. After the lecture there were several questions. One man began explaining how he was experiencing Krishna, how he had realizations of Krishna, how he saw Krishna, and so on. Some of Prabhupada's sannyasis felt that this man was wasting time and started to move him from the microphone, but Prabhupada said, "No, no. Let him finish."

When he was finished, Prabhupada explained how a realized person never feels that he has seen God. A realized person always feels, "Where is Krishna?" Prabhupada described the prayers of the six Goswamis, "krishnotkirtana-gana-nartana-parau," and how a Krishna conscious person never feels that he has seen Krishna but is always hankering to see Krishna. We learned that we should never feel that we are with Krishna but that we should always be hankering to see Krishna.

Reference: Memories Anecdotes of a Modern Day Saint - Volume 2 by Siddhanta Dasa