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Part 8 – The Australian campaign begins

The Australian devotees waste no time igniting the transcendental political engine with the announcement of the candidacy of Sabhapati through a newspaper article.

Krishna Man for the poll

The Hare Krishna movement will contest the May 18th Federal Election.

On Friday in Melbourne, it will launch its campaign with chanting, dancing, free food distribution and lecturing. The candidate for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness is Mr. Phillip Scott, 25, an Economics Graduate. He will contest the blue ribbon seat of Melbourne held by Mr. Innis (Labor).

The Hare Krishna policy speech will be given at the office of the Spiritual Sky Incense Company. The official opening of the campaign will be followed by a public rally on Parliament House steps.

According to Hare Krishna campaign organizers, Mr. Scott offers a proven, practical and positive alternative political platform.

It is based on a 3-point program for a progressive society – honest leadership; education and spiritual culture; and progressive environmental development.

Currently Mr. Scott is a student of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. [The Melbourne Sun - April 23, 1974]

Reference: The Great Transcendental Adventure - Kurma Dasa