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Part 9 – Faith in God to lead the society

Sabhapati officially launches his campaign with a speech on the steps of Parliament House. Reporters cover Sabhapati’s press conference held at his campaign headquarters at the Spiritual Sky offices. An article is published entitled “A Hare Krishna goes to the polls.”

The incense with the policy speech was perhaps a little different, but the shaven head on top of the business suit was disconcerting, to say the least. But disconcerting or not, the ‘In God We Trust’ Party today launched a campaign for the House of Representatives, maintaining it has the answer to every problem in our society – from inflation to venereal disease.

The party’s candidate, an Economics Graduate, Mr. Phillip Scott, 25, will contest the blue ribbon Labor seat of Melbourne. The party is an attempt by the Hare Krishna movement to spread its way of life and bliss through politics.

The writer of the article questioned further: "Since politicians with somewhat less austere policies had failed in their electorate, what did Mr Scott see as his advantage over them?"

Sabhapati had answered: "My faith in God and our three-point program for a progressive society."

Reference: A Great Transcendental Adventure - Kurma Dasa