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Krishna Balarama Mandir Inauguration

The Temple Opening

Recently, the newly appointed Governor of U.P., Dr. Marri Chenna Reddy, had visited the temple site. Prabhupada sent an invitation asking Dr. Reddy to be the Chief Guest and Inaugurator of the new temple.

Prabhupada  sent invitations to prominent Gaudiya Vaishnavas and also to the Gosvamis of the Srinathji Temple in Nathadvara.

To satisfy everyone, dates were adjusted so that the beginning of the ceremonies would be on April 16th. The actual installation and grand opening would be on April 20th, 1975. Dozens of government officials attended from all around the country (including the governor of the state of Uttar Pradesh). There were concerts, dances, plays, guest speakers, feasts for thousands, a three-day ancient Vedic bathing ceremony to install the Deities, and a gigantic parade through the town of Vrindavana featuring elephants and gaily costumed marching bands.

Reference: Vrindavana is My Home