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Krishna Balarama Mandir Inauguration - Installation Ceremony

Real installation of Deities at Krishna Balaram Mandir

There would be an elaborate installation ceremony in the temple to install Gaura-Nitai, Krishna-Balarama, Radha-Shyamasundara Lalita and Vishaka. Local brahmanas and also brahmanas from South India arrived to perform the rituals.

Simultaneously, Prabhupada wanted the chanting of Hare Krishna to go on in the temple throughout the duration of the ceremony.

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On the evening before the grand opening, Prabhupada arranged for a procession through Vrindavana town. This elaborate parade is called shoba-yatra, when the small Deities are taken with huge fanfare through the town.

Shoba-yatra was a public announcement that the temple would be opening the next day.

Reference: Vrindavana is My Home