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Krishna Balarama Mandir Inauguration - First arati

First arati of Krishna Balarama in Vrindavana

Prabhupada wanted to perform the first arati to Krishna and Balarama. At noon, the wooden doors of the altar opened. Prabhupada stepped forward and triumphantly pulled the curtain open for the first darshana of Krishna and Balarama.

Then Prabhupada began the arati ceremony.

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After the arati ceremony Prabhupada addressed the assembly of devotees and guests. He explained that this was an international temple, where people from all over the world could come to worship and take shelter of Gaura-Nitai, Krishna-Balarama, and Radha-Shyamasundara.

The arati ceremony was followed by a drama performance. Then sumptuous prasadam feast was arranged for the 6,000 guests.

Prabhupada concluded the grand opening elebrations by inviting local spiritual leaders to speak in the temple courtyard. Most of the speakers confirmed that Krishna bhakti can be practiced by anyone, regardless of birth, caste, creed, etc.

Reference: Vrindavana is My Home