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Someday I will show you India on foot

Yamuna: As early as 1967, I wanted to go to Vrindavan. I always had an attraction to Vrindavan. One morning I was walking right next to Srila Prabhupada when he stopped, put his cane out to lean on, and said, "You have received a letter from Achyutananada? He wants some men to join his party in Lucknow."

I immediately popped up and said, "I'd like to go, Srila Prabhupada. May Gurudas and I go?" He said, "Yes. We can arrange that. We will start an American House in Lucknow." Then he walked a little further and said, "No. You should not go now." He turned around and said, "Someday I will take you to India, and I will show you India on foot."

From that moment I was waiting for that day, and three years later, on October 4, 1970, Srila Prabhupada's party of American and European devotees landed in Bombay. Our party had arrived in Calcutta via Tokyo just a few days earlier. From October 4th to the time Srila Prabhupada left India in the spring of 1971, he showed us many places on foot, literally walking through the streets with us.

Reference: Srila Prabhupada-Remembrances - Siddhanta Dasa