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Krishna Temple Rites

This article, "Krishna Temple Rites," was published in The San Francisco Examiner, November 8, 1971, in San Francisco, California.

The official opening of the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple yesterday was accompanied by the kind of intense enthusiasm that's usually generated by a fundamentalist Christian revival. 

More than 50 Hare Krishna devotees, clad in saffron robes, danced, chanted, clapped and explained the four principles of spiritual advancement to some 200 guests. 

The principles are vegetarianism, celibacy and the abstention from gambling and all intoxicating stimulants, excepting religion of course.

To illustrate the merits of one of the principles, a 15 course vegetarian meal was served. 

The temple has been in operation for several months, but a Krishna spokesman said the official ceremony due to the campaign commitments of Mayor Alioto, who was to be the guest of honor. 

The Mayor, however, was still a no-show. He is in Vancouver, Washington to testify in his controversial fee - spliting civil trial. 

Vallejo Mayor Florence Douglas gave the dedication address to the Hare Krishna devotees and friends in front of the newly remodeled temple at 455 Valencia St. 

"I am always happy to congratulate those who are dedicated to doing good," said Mrs. Douglas. 

Those in attendance at yesterday's service included the parents of several members of the cult was to invest the building with the highest spirit of God. 

The grand opening was previously scheduled for Oct. 31.

Photo: HARE KRISHNA DEVOTEES HAIL OPENING OF NEW TEMPLE. Jubilation accompanies cutting of ribbon by Vallejo Mayor Florence Douglas

Reference: The San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco, USA, 1971-11-08