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It was a glorious time!

Gauracandra das: This Paris Temple is where I joined the Movement in 1971, and I was the temple commander when Srila Prabhupada visited in 1972. It was a glorious time! The women's asrama was over to the side Prabhupada's room. The temple was so small that it was almost like being directly under Prabhupada's room! The kitchen where I prepared so many offerings for Their Lordships was directly under Srila Prabhupada's room. I circled the rooms in different colors on this photo of the Paris Temple in Fontenay-Aux-Roses, as it was in 1972, to indicate the different rooms.

Red circle: Prabhupada's room.

Pink circle: temple room.

Blue circle: women's asrama.

Yellow circle: kitchen.

Purple circle: men's sleeping quarters.

Green circle: office.

Reference: Facebook post of Gauracandra Dasa