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Prabhupada left just by saying, "Hare Krishna."

Rama Sraddha: In Vrindavana during Prabhupada's final days with us, I had the service of being in charge of the kitchen. Ayodhyapati, who is now Govinda Bhrnga Maharaja, was the cook. At the very end everybody went to his room, but I had no time to go to Prabhupada's room because I was too busy with my service. Somebody had to finish the cooking. Prasadam had to be taken care of. Devotees were coming so this was more important than sitting with Prabhupada in his room, even though I wanted to.

The last three hours, however, I did go and sit next to Prabhupada. I sat by his bed right next to his head and feeling a little uncomfortable to even touch Prabhupada to do the last massage. At that time, he was easily available to everybody, but I was very shy and thought, "I am so fallen, how can I touch Prabhupada and give him a massage? Let me just do kirtana."

As the devotees were chanting from the bottom of their hearts, I was very carefully observing Prabhupada's lips. Prabhupada opened his mouth two times and softly uttered, "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna." That was it. I could see very clearly it was "Hare Krishna." Prabhupada left just by saying, "Hare Krishna."

Reference: Srila Prabhupada Rememberance - Siddhanta Dasa