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In New York before Prabhupada fell ill, he had us drawing the story of Prahlada and Hiranyakashipu. He was keen on having the story as a slide show for children, which we eventually did. Prabhupada told us about the poses and demonstrated them. He posed for Hiranyakashipu standing on one leg.

He loved to pose for Lord Nrisimhadeva. At least once a day, he would come into the room, do a roar, and describe how Lord Nrisimhadeva came out of the column. "Rrrrrrrhhhhh!" His eyes would get big and you could see the whites up above. "Rrrrrrrhhhhh!" This was his delight and he enjoyed it very much.

Once Jadurani had him pose like Krishna. He wrapped up in a white dhoti so that we could see how the pleats fell from a three-fold bending posture. He was right there watching us, seeing what and how we were doing.

Reference: This is my heart - Patita Uaddharana Dasa