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Krsna Conscious Community

Hari Sauri Dasa: Accepting Tamal Krishna Maharaja's invitation, Prabhupada decided to spend a day at the Pennsylvania farm, a five-hour drive away.

After we drove around the land the next stop was the huge cow barn and dairy, where Prabhupada saw a calf born just that morning. He petted some of the younger calves and then inspected the huge cows. The herd is Brown Swiss and they have gigantic milk bags. One cow gives one hundred and four pounds of milk per day -- that's the equivalent of its own body weight every eleven days! Paramananda informed us that two of the cows have the finest pedigrees in America. Their ancestry traces back two hundred and fifty years, to the time when their breed first came to America.
The cows were not the only occupants of the barn, however. A dog peacefully sat between the stalls; and as Prabhupada looked on, a small kitten ran among the cows, catching milk dropping from their udders. He smiled and said that this was the result of living in a Krsna conscious community: even the animals are great friends.

Reference: Transcendental Diary 3-3 New York