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Persecution and Triumph

Bhaktivinoda Thakura's prediction that one day Bengalis, Americans, and Europeans would all gather in Mayapur-dhama and chant,  Jaya Sacinandana,  actually became fulfilled under Prabhupada's personal presence and inspiration in 1974, at ISKCON'S first annual Mayapur festival. And in the 1970s, Lord Caitanya's prediction that the holy name of Krsna would be known in every town and village was well on the way to becoming a reality.

The 1970s also saw almost all of Prabhupada's books published, and he personally said that in the future, everyone would recognize that these books had saved the world from barbarism.

Less auspiciously, the '70s saw the rise of the first anti-cult activity to challenge ISKCON; but even that, Prabhupada told us, had its place in the total scheme of things. He said the movement would first be laughed at, then become an object of persecution, but finally it would pass into a period of fuller acceptance.

January 29th, 1976
A short report arrived from Hamsaduta, who is now back in Germany. He stated that relations with the government are getting worse. They are harassing the devotees and threatening more raids on the temple. Although after months of investigation and persecution the only offense they can attribute to us is a very minor one of collecting money without permission, on this basis they are freezing our bank accounts and withholding 700,000 DM. The German devotees are becoming discouraged but are still struggling to distribute books.

In the meantime, since he left our party, Hamsaduta has been busily purchasing vehicles for the formation of an all-India village-to-village traveling sankirtana party. Two forty-five-seater Mercedes buses and a van will be driven overland to India to arrive by the festival. As well as this, he has decided to introduce the program in Germany, and two other buses have been purchased for touring there.

Hamsaduta expressed his devotional sentiments in his concluding paragraph. "I feel helpless in this matter, and pray to Krsna to give me intelligence to combat these rascals. I know that Krsna can reverse the situation in a minute, and if He likes I may go on struggling a whole lifetime to convince them of the value of your message without success; still I am thankful that by your mercy that I have been awakened to devotional service which is the ultimate goal of life. I shall try to spread your teachings under all circumstances to everyone."

Srila Prabhupada sent a short reply of encouragement comparing their struggle with the fight between Hiranyakasipu and Prahlada Maharaja, and to Kamsa's fight with Krsna. "Prahlada must come out triumphant," he told him. So similarly, in this case Krsna will come out triumphant without a doubt. Prabhupada also approved his plan for village preaching.

Reference: Bhaktivinoda Thakura's prediction that one day Bengalis, Americans, and Europeans would all gather in