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Here is a Rascal Number One

Therefore they are rascals. Rascal means that however kick him on his face, still, he'll insist. That is rascal. Rascal means that. They'll never take good lesson. That is rascal. And sensible means he takes good lesson. Na mam dushkritino mudhah [Bg 7.15]. And why they remain rascal? Because they are dushkritinah, very, very sinful. Very, very sinful.

Don't you see? They are maintaining slaughterhouse. They are maintaining brothel. They are ruining everyone's life by sense gratification. These are all sinful activities. Therefore they remain rascal forever. They cannot improve. Because they are so sinful, they have to suffer, go to the darkest region. They'll have to become worms of the stool. That is awaiting them. But they do not know how things are going on. They are thinking, "We are now safe. We are safe." That is foolishness. That is rascaldom.

You know the story, that Kalidasa, a great poet, he was a great rascal. It is a long story. So he was sitting on the branch of a tree and cutting. So some gentleman, "Why you are cutting? You'll fall down." "No, no, I'll not fall down." But when he fell down, then he went to that gentleman, "How did you know, sir, that I shall fall down?" Then they concluded, "Here is a rascal number one." [laughter] "Here is a rascal number one." They do not know that they are going to hell. That is rascaldom.

By their so-called scientific advancement, philosophy, education, they are going to hell. That they do not know. Therefore they are rascals. This is the definition of rascaldom: one who does not know where he is going. If somebody goes in this way straight, and you say, "Don't go!" "No. Why shall I not go?" he's rascal. [laughter] He's rascal. And the another rascal, "Yes, yes, you can go. It is all right.Yata mata tata patha. "As many ways you manufacture, it is all right. You can go this way." He's another rascal. This is going on.

Reference: Morning Walk - December 7, 1973, Los Angeles