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This is Dog's Philosophy

Ta'ra madhye jihva ati lobhamoy sudurmati ta'ke jeta kathina samsare. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says, "Amongst the senses, the most powerful sense is the tongue." Most powerful sense. You see? They are smoking, chain smoker, going on, going on. What is this? There is some sensation. And if we smoke cigarette or drink, it is simply the tongue. The tongue is dictating, "Do this, do that. Take this, take coffee, take tea, smoke, take flesh, take chicken, take this, take this, take..." That means that out of the all senses, the tongue is the most formidable. Therefore Bhaktivinoda Thakura says, ta'ra madhye jihva ati lobhamoy sudurmati ta'ke jeta kathina samsare. It is very difficult to conquer over the tongue. And if you can conquer over the tongue, then you can conquer over the belly, and then you can conquer over the genital. The straight line, one after another. Ta'ra madhye jihva ati.

So you know the story, that one dog was crossing over a small rivulet, and he saw the picture of another dog in the water. And actually, there was no dog. He was carrying some food in his mouth, and he saw another dog within the water. So he thought, "Let me take his foodstuff from the mouth," and as he opened the mouth, he wanted to take the other dog's foodstuff, so whatever he had, gone. You see? This is dog philosophy, "Take away." Take other's meal; he loses his own. This is called illusion, maya. You did not read this, Aesop's Fable story? It is very instructive story. This is dog's philosophy. All these so-called empire... This Roman Empire was expanded. The British Empire was expanded. Now they have lost everything. Finished. The dog's business was finished.

So this kind of expansion, unnecessarily... Therefore our philosophy is, "Be satisfied whatever God has given you.Tena tyaktena bhunjitha ma gridhah kasya svid dhanam [Iso mantra 1]. You be satisfied whatever is given to you by God, allotted to you. Don't try to encroach upon others' property. This is civilization. But man is transgressing this law, nature. They are not satisfied to become localized. They want to expand. If you want to expand, but expand something which will be beneficial to the human society. Just like we are expanding Krishna consciousness. That is required to be expanded. Because the cats and dog civilization will be controlled. But to expand the cats and dog civilization to compete with another dog is the same story, Aesop's Fable story, to capture the other dog and take his foodstuff, and then lose everything. These are very instructive.

Reference: Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.4 - Rome, May 28, 1974