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Perverted Enjoyment

Prabhupada: Yes. He had very good wife, young wife, and he became a victim to a prostitute and lost all brahminical culture. So if you create prostitute in the society, where is the hope of brahminical culture?

There is a story that a rascal, he was rich, and he was going to the prostitute. So the wife inquired that, "What is wanting in me that you are going to the prostitute?" You know that story? "No, I go there because she dances, sings." So she learned dancing. So in this way, one after another, drinking, dancing, this, that. Still he was going. The wife learned everything. Then when she said, "Now I have learned whatever you wanted. Still why you are...?" "No, one thing. I cannot express that." "What is that?" "You do not abuse my father and mother. That you cannot do." These prostitutes, they abuse the father and mother.

In Bengal it is known, rakta kedara vega.[?] They address like that. Then she said, "All right. Stop. I am no more your wife. I cannot abuse your father and mother. That is not possible. I have learned everything for your satisfaction, but I cannot learn this thing." The prostitute will not only abuse the paramour but his father, mother, family, everything, culture.

Tamala Krishna: And he enjoys it.

Prabhupada: And he enjoys: "Oh, so kindly she is abusing. It is love."

Reference: Morning Walk - January 21, 1976, Mayapur