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God Gives Facility to Everyone

Without God's sanction you cannot do anything, that's a fact. But what kind of sanction it is, that you have to understand. God is creator, God is giving sanction. Everything is God. Otherwise how He is God? But He has to do.

There is a story like that, that the thief is praying to God, "My Lord, give me the chance I can make some stealing in that house." And the householder also praying to God, "My Lord, please save my house, my things may not be stolen." Now God has to adjust. God has to please the thief and the householder. And both of them are prayer.

So God has so intelligence, He can do like that. He can give the sanction to the thief and He can give protection to the householder. That is God's position. Because both of them prayers, praying, "Give me the facility." And isvarah sarva-bhutanam hrid-dese 'rjuna tishthati [Bg 18.61]. And He is situated in everyone's heart, and there are so many petitions, and He has to deal with them. That is God. Hare Krishna.

Reference: Evening Darsana - August 11, 1976, Tehran