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March 24, 1968 : San Francisco

Yamuna: On March 24, two of the spiritual seekers from the Morningstar Ranch, Tamal Krishna and Vishnujana, both of whom would have a prominent role in the sankirtana movement, became initiated disciples of Srila Prabhupada.

In a profound and moving initiation lecture, Srila Prabhupada cautioned all of the devotees, whether new initiates or already committed disciples:

So these initiation formalities are there. You are instructed, you are guided, but you have to act. Unless you act, then the same thing as in India - the so-called brahmanas and ksatriyas are degraded. There will be no meaning. You have to stick to the brahminical qualities, and at the same time, work, brahma-karma ... So you have to engage yourself; brahma-karma means Krishna consciousness, and exhibit your quality - that you are truthful, you are controlling over the senses, control over the mind, and you are simple and you are tolerant. Because as soon as you take up spiritual life, the whole class conducted by maya, they will be against you. That is maya's influence.

Reference: Yamuna Devi - A Life of Unalloyed Devotion