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April 24, 1976 : Melbourne

Hari Sauri: As Prabhupada strolled through the green park, past the small lakes and tall reeds, he spoke about the meaning of real happiness. He said that happiness without spiritual understanding is dog's happiness; no happiness at all. He pointed to a large tree and explained that because it has very dull consciousness it can stand for five thousand years without discomfort, but if we had to stand for only five hours we would not be able to tolerate it, because our human consciousness is more developed. Therefore one who has no understanding that he is suffering in the material world is simply an animal.

One of the devotees ventured that sometimes a devotee is more unhappy than a materialist because he is aware of his unhappiness.

"Then that means he is not a devotee," Prabhupada said. "Devotee means the first sign will be happy, brahma-bhutah prasannatma. If he's not prasannatma, he's a rascal. He has not even entered devotional life - he's outside. That is the test. Just like Dhruva Maharaja. When he saw Vishnu, he said, 'Everything is all right. I don't want anything.' Svamin kritartho'smi. That is Vaishnava. And if he is still in want or unhappiness, that means he has no spiritual life at all. He is simply making a show."

Reference: A Transcendental Diary Volume 2 - Hari Sauri Dasa