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May 26, 1976 : Honolulu

Hari Sauri: Morning walks are quite lively, with Srila Prabhupada exposing the flaws of material life and taking potshots at the scientists. Prabhupada said that the materialists don't want natural things. He contrasted this mentality with that of chanting, plain living and high thinking. "Their policy is, 'High living and poor thinking.' They live in skyscraper but don't care for where they are going to next life, as a cat and dog. 'Never mind. Now live in skyscraper.' Poor thinking. High living, poor thinking."

He gave a broad grin as we caught his humor. "No, that, 'Now I am living in the skyscraper building on the twenty-fifth story, and next life I'm going to be cockroaches here!' They don't know that. He doesn't inquire, 'Wherefrom the cockroaches are coming?' He has got attachment for this twenty-fourth story, so, but he's working so that he'll become a cockroach. So Krishna has given chance, 'All right. You live in the twenty-fourth story as cockroach.' And then you'll be again killed by some ... What is called?"


"Yes. That he does not know. Therefore poor thinking. He's thinking that, 'I shall perpetually live here.' And when the death will come, 'Get out! Become a cockroach.' What he'll do? What power you have got? How the scientists can stop it?"

Reference: A Transcendental Diary Volume 2 - Hari Sauri Dasa