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December 16, 1973 : Los Angeles

Vaiyasaki: Understanding that he needs more time to write his books, Prabhupada decides to send a worldwide memo to all the devotees. He dictates the letter to Karandhar and asks him to ensure that every center receives it. On December 16, Karandhar sends out the memo to every ISKCON temple worldwide.

A Memo to All Centers

Repeatedly Srila Prabhupada says, "I only want my disciples to take this Movement seriously." So, the punch line is that Prabhupada wants to initiate the following schedule:
1. Reside four months in India, four months in Europe, and four months in the USA out of each year.
2. See or speak to no one except very important visitors wherever he is staying.
3. Be completely relieved of managerial affairs and have full time for translating.

What this means to us is the following:
1. Don't ask Prabhupada to come to our temple.
2. Solve all problems amongst ourselves and don't burden Prabhupada with them.
3. Continue to advance dynamically in Krishna consciousness by keeping all our principles very strictly, and vigorously preach and propagate the movement around the world.

Now we have the GBC, the sannyasis, the presidents, and so many qualified devotees. We have to give up the habit of placing everything on Prabhupada's shoulders. We must be responsible, mature, steadfast, and convinced.

Reference: Radha Damodara Vilasa II - Vaiyasaki Dasa